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Add a beautiful, personal touch to their Swan Ballet party, with our custom Swan Lake Ballerina drink stirrers!


Part of our 'Swan Lake Ballerina' Collection


Minimum order of 10 pieces


Please keep in mind that due to the style of these drink stirrers, care should be taken to ensure feathers do not land in the drink! If this concerns you, please opt for the non feather option for your stirrers and we will happily accomodate as we cannot take responsibility for feathers in your drink if they should fall!!




(1x) Drink Stirrers with or without Feathers

- Size: Choose stick length of 4.75" or 6"

- Material: 1/8" Acrylic 


Photography @the.stull

Swan Lake Ballerina Drink Stirrers

PriceFrom $4.62