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Each of our standard cake posicle sticks are laser cut from food safe acrylic.


Select the color(s) to perfectly style your cake pops and treats


Dimensions - 0.375" x 4.475" x 1/8


MINIMUM order of 10 per color please. Any orders received of orders of less than 10 of any color will have to be refunded.


0-50    $0.70 each

50+     $0.66 each - enter promo code SAVEON50 to receive discount at checkout

100+   $0.64 each - enter promo code SAVEON100 to receive discount at checkout


Orders that do not meet the above quantity requirements to be eligable for discount, but a code is used by the customer at checkout will have order refunded.


Please note - this design is not personalized. Please see our custom cake pop sticks for our personalized engraved designs.


Standard Cake Popsicle Sticks 0.375" x 4.475" x 1/8

  • Depth (Thickness): 1/8"   

    0.375" x 2.75"

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