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Add a little Christmas magic this year with a Jar of Reindeer Food with an adorable laser engraved tag in the color of your choice! Laser engraved Magic Reindeer Food message is etched onto tag and tied to each jar with a genuine leather tie or ribbon.

Reindeer Food and Reindeer engraved onto front of your Jar. You will treasure this sweet magic reindeer food jar for many years to come! Makes a beautiful addition to any Christmas Eve box the night before Christmas.

Make your jar extra special by laser etching your child’s name(s) or your family name onto the back of each Jar. 

Each Jar is filled with 'reindeer food' and includes a laser engraved 'Magic Reindeer Food' Tag with instructions on how and where for your child to sprinkle the magic food. Your Jar also includes a 'Magic Reindeer Food' recipe card with instructions how to make the reindeer food for years to come each year on Christmas Eve! 

Please note - the sprinkles shown in the picture may vary by design slightly depending on availability. Food not intended to be consumed by humans and 'magical' reindeer food only....


Personalized Name(s) Reindeer Food Jars

PriceFrom $14.00
  • - Glass Jar Dimensions - Approx 3.5 x 2”
    - ‘Magic Reindeer Food’ Wood Tag Dimensions - Approx 2 x 1”. Reindeer Food Tag tag is not able to be personalized.
    - Please be aware with wood, that each piece is individual and due to variations in the wood, each tag may vary with its unique look.

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