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Our Signage is individually laser cut in the color of your choice! Select the Color of your Signage to perfectly style your backdrop.


Cost is per word (across two pieces)

Height of each letter of your sign will depend on the amount of letters your word includes. Width will be approx 4" for the first letter of your word e.g "H' and 24" for the remaining longest part of your word e.g "azelFest". Your Sign will be in two pieces, ideal for flat backdrops.


Please note - the price quoted is for the TOTAL size of both pieces put together.  Please let me know i you have any concerns about the sizing and we can make sure this is the right size for your signage.


This listing is for the retro script style shown in the 'HazelFest' example. Please see our other signage listings for other styles and sizes.


Sample Picture - Natural Wood 


Credit Picture - @shantelbishoff

Custom Retro Script Single Word - 28" Width Signage-Single Layer Acrylic or Wood

PriceFrom $38.50
  • Depth (Thickness): 1/8"   

    See listing description for details

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