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Our Signage is individually laser cut in the color of your choice! Select the Color of your Signage to perfectly style your Candy or Bar Cart (or similar sized backdrop)


Width of whole signage together (when all words are put together) - approx 18" x 24"


Please note - the price quoted is for the TOTAL size of all words put together. The dimensions of your exact signage, letter height etc will vary according to the amount of letters you have. Your text will be sized to fit perfectly on a standard sized bar or candy cart. Please let me know i you have any concerns about the sizing and we can make sure the 18 x 24 is the right size for your signage.


This listing is for the script style shown in the 'He or She' example. Please see our other signage listings for other styles and sizes.


Sample Picture - Passion Fruit Frosted

Credit Picture - Keosha C

Custom 'Cut Out' Signage with your Text - for Candy or Bar Cart 18 x 24



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